Living for the weekend

Let us not forget to thank God for getting us through the week, All things are possible through him. As we approach another weekend let us take a moment to reflect back on the past 5 days and think about what we learned this week. Was each life lesson a testament to a new beginning? How did you gain from the newly acquired knowledge? Was it beneficial to uplifting your movement? I ask these questions because each week we go into the work week dreading whats ahead with our busy jobs. Some of us hate our jobs but its a means to an end. Some of us actually love our jobs and are always looking for ways to improve, And then there’s that group that cant wait till Friday is here!!! Now that Friday is here, Are we that much closer to gaining financial freedom, or bettering our current situation? Have we figured out what’s needed and what’s not? I look at Friday as another day to gain knowledge and to put whats learned into action. Friday is just a day to regroup and put all the pieces to the puzzle together. Don’t always be ready for the week to end. Don’t let the Friday mentality put your grind on halt. Keep striving for that level of success that you push for Monday thru Thursday. Its okay to live for the weekend, just remember life still exist again on Monday.


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