Flesh of thy Flesh

No one will agree with what I’m about to say but I have to say it anyway. After years of not knowing how to answer a question intelligently, logically, or realistically. I now have an understanding of things far beyond most people’s comprehension. I first look at the question for the logical answer, then I look to see if there is a comparable answer that could serve as an eye-opening message.

   Someone asked me, “Can couples really love one another If they cheat on each other?” Most people will say he or she cant possibly love the other. The most common answer is No!! Logic allows me to understand how people cheat, and that love plays no part in the act of cheating. We are of the flesh and it is our natural inclination to lust. We lust not only for the flesh of the opposite sex, but for the flesh of the same sex.  We lust for Cars, and Houses and life styles of the rich and Famous. We lust for more than what we need out of greed, desire, and the longing to be fulfilled with complete bliss. Lust is  momentarily and rarely ever last.

Love is an emotion that keeps us attached to the person that idealistically  completes us. Love is a powerful emotion that in words cannot be defined because; you really go through some shit when you love someone. Love is eternal and everlasting. Love is unwavering, unrestricted. Love knows no bounds. We know all of these things and we profess this great undying love for our significant other; yet we still cheat in some way or another. The list can go on and on describing various forms of cheating in relationships, a certain look, a thought, fornication.

We all cheat or have cheated in some sense of the word, no matter how much we say we love our mate. The reason for this is clear as discussed earlier, its simply defined as carnal desire of the flesh. We all say we love God and in him we trust that all things will be done by his will. We believe that Christ died on the cross for our sin he was the epitome of eternal love, Yet we cheat him out of his just glorification. We cheat him out of his bounty of patience by showing impatience. We cheat him by giving into the things that we know are not prescribed for us drinking, drugs, cigarettes, fornication. Our lives our mirror reflections of each other because we are not right with God.  It’s no wonder we cheat on our mates.  We don’t respect a higher authority. If God was in our relationship we would have a sense of understanding, empathy, submission to the will of GOD other than ourselves. We need to stop placing  blame on each other as we always do when the problem really isn’t about our mate but ourselves.

The problems that plague relationships really just takes an outside the box observation. Sometimes it’s not all about talking but listening. Moreover it really boils down to letting God in and trusting that he will strengthen you and edify your existence. Pray together and for each other. Once you begin to invite God in and have patience and trust that the situation will get better, It will!!! If you continue to have these same problems it is only because you are still….. Flesh of Thy Flesh


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