What? When? Where? How? and Why?

Wonders of the world are mystifying often arousing that inner nosiness that asks us the questions of what, when, where, how, and why?. Is it being nosy or am I am I the only one that wants to know the mysteries of the urban community. What happened to a fair one? Has it become so extinct in the hood to get a fair one anymore? Why is it that if you and I have an argument or disagreement we can’t lace up throw them hands, shake hands and go our separate ways. Why is it that there is never a public outcry to stop the violence until a person dies? Where were the outcries for peace when the person that died was the one that was doing all the terrorizing? Why is it that there is no empathy for the lives of the terrorized. Where has compassion gone? Why is it that we don’t have candlelight vigils to show the strength of the community just because. What happened to that cliche, “It takes a village to raise a child?”

When did it become cool for young black men to feminize themselves by wearing dresses and hip-huggers? What has gotten into our young black men? Why are they wearing their pants below their asses? Where are all the strong male role models in these families? How is it that no one has said anything to the little boy who wants to get tattoos all over his face? When did that become acceptable? Are these questions really that hard to answer, or is it there are no answers to the ignorance? We question many things that have us pondering and it’s only our natural inclination to be inquisitive. Who created the pyramids? Who is God? How is a plane suspended in the air? Some of the answers are a hypothesis, yet many are the views and opinions of man.

I’ve searched for these answers, I’ve searched long and I’ve searched hard. I searched skimming papers with finger tips bruised and scarred. I’ve searched high and I’ve searched low for the mysteries of the urban community I do not know. Is it suicidal to think that its genocidal and that ignorance can eradicate an entire race. Or should I hold on to the hope that God has a better plan in store and just be humble, be patient and wait. Should I take a stand now cause I cant take anymore, be the voice of the people like brother Malcolm, and brother Martin, and countless brothers before.


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