First blog post

Dear Readers,

I waited till the end of the month to start a new chapter in my life, which is blogging. I am understanding that this is a new way to get ideas across, have intelligent conversations, and to network with like-minded individuals. My focus is to talk about issues that generally plague our urban communities. My interest is basically to guide the youth and to be a motivational speaker bringing to light topics such as recidivism, violence in the communities and social injustices. The topics will be stimulating, mature, sometimes controversial, but more importantly these are the authors views of the society we live in. I welcome all comments, opinions, and feedback. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I ask God to walk with me and to bless me with the ability to complete this new adventure, to guide me and to bless with with  the voice of reason to help the communities bridge together and stop the senseless violence. I ask god to continue to watch over me and to be my shield against those that mean me no good, To continue to enrich my mind with the thirst for knowledge, truths, and success.


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